Electrical Automation Systems & Motor Control Centers

Various custom solutions available

Panels for mining and industrial sectors

Our engineering team can provide a complete solution tailored to your individual needs

We utilise the latest design and simulation software to design and manufacture electrical panels

Our electrical panels are populated in accordance with the most stringent local and international standards (IEC61439-3, SANS61439-3 & SANS10142)

We pride ourselves in only using premium materials, switch, and control gear, including Schneider and ABB

Our panels are Factory Acceptance Tested (F.A.T) before shipping, to provide the customer with peace of mind when final installation takes place. It includes a visual inspection, insulation resistance testing and, where applicable, induction load testing

Mine Automation Systems

Visual Inspection (F.A.T)

  • Check and verify that the layout equipment is done correctly;
  • Check and verify that the correct model of circuit breakers, contactors, metering, and protection relays are installed;
  • Check that the correct cascading is followed in accordance to the circuit breaker manufacturer’s specification and cascading tables;
  • Verify that the overall dimensions of the switchboard and busbars are correct, as well as the cable colour coding, and sizing and location of the main feeder entry points.
  • Check the overall quality of the paint work of the panel, and confirm that the correct RAL colour is implemented.
  • Check that the locking mechanism is sound, door gaskets are in place, and hinges are sound and operational. Where cut outs on doors have been made, ensure that the correct gaskets are fitted to maintain the IP rating of the enclosure.
  • Check that all labels, name plates, and phase identification is correct. In the case of a cascaded system, check that the correct cascading labels are fitted.

Insulation Resistance Test (F.A.T)

  • Conducting insulation resistance testing between the phase-to-phase conductor, phase-to-neutral conductor, and phase-to-earth conductor, as per SANS-10142 guidelines with all breakers in the ON position, to determine if the insulation of the conductor is sound.

Inductive Load Testing (F.A.T)

  • Where required, inductive load testing can be preformed by means of connecting an inductive load to the panel and verifying that all metering equipment are functioning correctly;

  • Our panels include, but is not limited to, general LV/MV panels, generator ATS panels, UPS panels, power factor correction panels, active filtering panels;

  • Power Factor Correction Wall Mountable Without Reactors From 38kVAr @ 415V to 150kVAr @ 415V

  • Power Factor Floor Standing Panels with or Without Reactors From 137kVAr @ 400V to 800kVAr @ 400V (525V & 690V Options Also Available)

  • Customisable and hybrid Power Factor Correction Panels are also available.