Protective equipment for cast resin transformers


As a result of its design, cast resin transformers are not safe to touch. In order to provide protection for transformers against environmental influences, and to prevent people from coming into contact with a live transformer, Red Metal Mining offers standard enclosures, and optionally modified enclosures.
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Low cost standard housing
with various equipment options.

Design of cooling from AN to AF
The enclosures feature air entry and outlet ports to dissipate the transformer’s power loss, for natural or forced air cooling.

AFWF (air/water-cooled)

Delivery in pre-assembled condition
and straightforward assembly on site.

Variable connection to simplify installation
on HV or LV side, top or bottom. For cable connection from below, metal support and entry plates are provided.

MCT frames

Standard paint RAL 7032 or 7035
but other paint options are available on request.

Roof coolers can be provided

Explore the interesting design & working of the RMM enclosure



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