Electric Motors

Various solutions available
AEG winder GLC-3 and GC-3 motors

high kW / low revolutions

AC high voltage motors

50MW to 15kV

DC motors

range of torque approximately 20Nm to 900,000Nm

Synchronous motors

4MVA to 50MVA
at 1,500 RPM – 15kV
Electric Motors

Red Metal Mining is the sole appointed agent in Sub Saharan Africa for Lloyd Dynamowerke (LDW) motors.

The superior quality of LDW’s electric motors and drives are founded upon a mix of the latest technology and over 90 years of experience. LDW does not manufacture standard motors, but rather they produce tailor-made solutions for every client’s specific needs. Their worldwide service guarantees optimum care around the clock.

AEG winder GLC-3 and GC-3 motor series
high kW ratings / low revolutions per minute

Synchronous motors
4MVA to 50MVA at 1,500 RPM – 15kV OR 4MVA to 25MVA at 150 RPM – 15kV

Alternating current high voltage motors

Direct current motors

Hoist motors

Hydro power generation


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