Oil-Type Mini Substations

Oil distrubution transformer housing
Range from 300 kVA to

1,600 kVA

Operating voltages up to 33 kV
Oil-Type Mini Substations

Red Metal Mining’s oil-type mini substations consist of three separate compartments, assembled as one unit. Although we have a generic standard, various types are available on request.

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The core and winding of the oil-type mini substation, are housed in a central compartment with its own hermetically sealed cover. The other two compartments are for the HV and LV equipment, respectively. Each compartment is provided with an access door on substantial hinges and provision for a padlock.
The three compartments are protected by a common cover made of a heavy duty gauge sheet metal, which is angled to avoid collection of rainwater on the roof. The roof cover is secured on the inside of the locked compartments of the oil-type mini substation. The entire cubical is aesthetically pleasing and adequately ventilated to prevent condensation and enable ventilation of the transformer.
The power rating on our oil-type mini substations are standard range, but if a larger power rating is required we are more than willing to supply. Our product range includes:


Surface mount mini-subs (municipal/industrial)

Specially designed mobile underground mini-subs

Skid based mini-subs (open cast mines)

High voltage switchgear SF6, oil, and vacuum

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Oil-Type Mini Substations


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