As one of the world’s leading design software solutions for machine, plant, and panel building; EPLAN is the ideal partner to streamline challenging engineering processes.

EPLAN design software enables us to provide our clients with solutions in the automation and electrical engineering fields. The RMM engineering team primarily utilises:

  • PLAN Electric P8
  • EPLAN Pro Panel

Electric P8

The ECAD Standard for Engineering – Taking Drawing Schematics to the Next Level

EPLAN Electric P8 is a consistent, integrated, and efficient engineering system that enables us to plan and design the electrical engineering of machines and plant systems.

The software supports a variety of engineering methods – from manual creation, to standardised and template-based approaches. Once entered into the schematic, the project data becomes the foundation for the automated completion of machine and plant system documentation, thereby offering much more than just drawing schematics and circuit diagrams.

Pro Panel

Integrated 2D/3D Design for Panel Building and Switchgear Systems

EPLAN Pro Panel gives us a stable foundation for automating and industrialising panel building. It enables the 3D-design and construction of control cabinets, switchgear systems, and power distribution systems for energy distribution.

EPLAN Pro Panel provides us with an integrated solution for control cabinet design.