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Renewal of coal mine’s electrical infrastructure

PRODUCTS: IP54-200kVA,11kV,400V / IP54-2500kVA,11kV,690_400V


APPLICATION: Coal Mining Surface Operations


In any industry, planning for maintenance downtime is crucial – especially on a mining site where a few minutes lost can equal large production losses.

Oil-cooled transformers have a considerable amount of maintenance that has to be conducted on a regular basis. This includes the testing of cooling liquids by qualified personnel, as well as the replacement of cooling liquids. Oil-type transformers are also susceptible to explosion during operation – a machine failure that cannot be afforded.

The high maintenance of oil-type transformers, the safety and environmental threat it poses, and losses due to downtime therefore prompts engineers and procurement managers to reconsider the components of their production line.


This particular mine is committed to phasing out all of its 30+ oil-type transformers, and we delivered an alternate solution – Cast Resin Dry-Type Transformers.

Due to its design and ability to withstand the harsh conditions on a mine, cast resin transformers call for a low maintenance schedule and thus also considerably less downtime. It is reliable, safe, and flame retardant – crucial factors on a mining site.

Our technical team provided their full support and dedication, during the commissioning and assembly of these transformers on site.


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