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Compact underground substations delivered to copper mine in Zambia fits in man winder cage & reduces installation time

PRODUCT: IP54-800kVA11kV_550V

APPLICATION: Copper Mining


  The underground use of electrical equipment requires special considerations, including – the ability to resist heat and dust, as well as high safety demands with respect to toxic gases and fire hazards.Usually, when installing an underground mini substation, workers have to hoist the cage up the mine shaft to the surface. It then has to be pulled aside with a sling to create enough space for the substation to be hoisted down the shaft. This method is used because the regular size of a mini substation is too large to fit in the mine shaft cage.


  Our cast resin dry-type transformers fully meet the safety demands of underground mining. Additionally, our compact designed substation solution saved this copper mine in sub-Saharan Africa a lot of manual labor, time and money.How was this achieved? By providing a custom solution to our client – a compact designed underground cast resin mini substation that easily fits in the mine shaft cage. Therefore, eliminating the need for the cage to be removed first. It is now simply hoisted down the shaft in the cage.


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