Trolley-Assist Pantograph Transformer Commissioning

Jun 20, 2016 | Engineering Services | 0 comments

Article: Trolley-assist pantograph line transformers Commissioning
The trucks used on this particular mine are designed to use both electricity and diesel power. It automatically switches to electric mode when it detects and attaches to the overhead line pantograph transformers. Once the truck leaves the line, it switches back to diesel. By applying trolley-assist, open cast mine hauling activities may save up to 50% in fuel cost, and improve the productivity of the fleet by 10%.

The IP54 enclosure, with an air-cooled closed loop system, provides protection to the transformers against environmental influences and harsh conditions. This could include fine coal dust, and extreme temperatures during summer that can reach up to 45ºC.

During transportation, loading, dropping, and the use of explosives on the coal mine, sudden shocks may occur. In this case it becomes crucial to fragment the overburden on transformers. We delivered the best 3G rated solution to our client.

All this said, the pantograph line transformer solution that we provided lowered costs even further, thanks to the benefits of the uniquely designed SGB cast resin transformer.

Infographic: What Is A Trolley Power-Assist Pantograph Transformer Line?


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